DAE, New York

DAE is a homeware and design shop, café, wine bar, and private event space located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. I had the chance to photograph their beautiful interior space, design objects, and the recent Valentine’s Day dinner event.

Kinhfolk, New York

Kinhfolk is an up-and-coming Vietnamese coffee shop opening in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Their mission is “to bring the accessibility of authentic Vietnamese coffee using robusta beans and to highlight the traditional phin brew”. I photographed their pop-up event at Dear Friends Books in Brooklyn, using 35mm film, to create content for their social media platforms. 

KC14 Kape Catorce Coffee

Kape Catorce is a women-owned and operated coffee company based in Queens, New York. I had the opportunity to photograph the behind-the-scenes moments from their weekly roasting and cupping sessions at Multimodal Roasting in LIC.

Honbap Series, Seoul (2023)

Honbap (혼밥), a term coined by combining “honja” (“alone”) and “bap” (“food”), refers to the act of eating alone. This subculture is a part of a greater trend of individualism that has taken over Korea in the past 2-3 years. I was deeply intrigued by “honbap” as a subculture of rebellion, and how it fits within a distinctly group-oriented cultural context. 

To find out, I went out and experienced “honbap” for myself, enjoying meals alone in a variety of dining spaces ranging from the convenience store to single-person barbecue restaurants. I photographed the specific spaces where people would dine alone: some enclosed by glass panels, some divided by plexiglass screens, and others simply out in the open.

People, Restaurants & Cafes